I`m playing around with the new client hyper-v role in Windows 8 Pro ,and it seems like Windows is not just for the mainstreame user. The last couple of days there’s been a lot of writing for and against Hyper-V for the professional users.

From my view Microsoft finally got it right, I do not have anything against the Metro surface of Win8 it, it simply works well, both with a keyboard or a touchscreen, and people instantly knows where the windows key is.
This hurts just a little a bit for an old Linux guy like my self, but the when I realized that Microsoft have made it easy for me to create and manage virtual machines in a simple Windows 8, I was thrilled.
I’m doing a lot of demo stuff for different partners and customers, and often has to reset my environment back to “last known good configuration” when making a new demo ready. So using the builtin snapshots makes it less painful than before. I’ve been using VMware workstation for many years to run my demo environment which consists of both Microsoft and Redhat servers and a virtual Equallogic. This environment is going to be moved to the Microsoft Client Hyper-V with only my Redhat and Linux machines being the outstanding points I need to ensure is working.
Playing around with an Fedora 17, I came across some issues when trying to install the VM tools, the Fedora wouldn’t start but i might be an graphic driver issue.
This being said my demo platform is also being “refurbished” to a Windows 2012 Core installation with Equallogic Hit/ME tools installed and all managed from Server manager in the Windows 8. This is a an add-on for Windows 8 and when running this kind of setup it should make my demos less painfull as I will be able to manage all from my native laptop and from a virtualized server.

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